Texas Herb Company
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Organic Plant Food

Only using the best, organic way to provide nutrients to Mother Earth and all the abundant herbs we grow. By using Llama/Alpaca Manure. 
Now providing this natural goodness for all our plants as well.
In convenient dry, composted or liquid form.
Very easy to use and safe for all plants as well as vegetables.
Compare below on the values of natural plant food.

Animal Manure Comparison
Animal % N Nitrogen % P Phosphorus % K Potassium
Llama 1.7 0.69 0.66
Chicken 1.0 0.8 0.4
Horse 0.7 0.25 0.55
Sheep 0.95 0.35 1.0
Cow 0.6 0.15 0.45
Pig 0.5 0.35 0.4

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